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Welcome to the page of SGAC El Salvador!

What is space for El Salvador? We believe it is an open field ready to be sowed by those who have the bravery to get there. It is the north for the first human tribes that left Africa. It is the Mediterranean Sea for the Greek and Phoenician sailors. It is the America for the European colonizers. It is the land of volcanoes for the first coffee farmers in our nation. It is our opportunity to leave behind the scars of history and start anew. It is our opportunity to change the destiny of our nation. From being mere spectators of the progress of the world, to become active participants with important contributions in what is the most amazing project humanity has undertaken. It is time to reach the stars!

SGAC El Salvador invites you to join our effort to get El Salvador into Space. Please read what we are up to and how you can get involved. 


Young Space Activities Overview in El Salvador

As the country continues to struggle with high levels of crime, corruption, mediocrity, poverty and the effects of climate change, a group of young, ambitious and hardworking individuals have come forward with bold ideas to change the course of their homeland. Their dream is to live in a country were order and justice prevails, the basic needs of its citizens such as healthcare, education, infrastructure and so on is of world-class quality, opportunities to prosper are plentiful, the economy is diverse, strong and globally minded, and the country is able to resolve its problems not by brute force and politically motivated resolutions but by direct democratic participation, reason, consciousness and the creation and use of technology.

In the spirit of this dream, the belief that accessing and using space, can represent a real opportunity for El Salvador to advance into new levels of technological, social and economic development was born in 2010 with the confluence of several projects led by young Salvadorian aerospace professionals. 

The first of these projects, was project Esfera, consisting of the launch of several high altitude balloons equipped with cameras and locally made tracking systems, of which the first successful launch was realized in December, 2013. This project was sponsored by the Municipality of Nuevo Cuscatlán and necessitated the coordination of the Civil Aviation Authority of El Salvador (AAC) and the Central American Corporation of Air Navigation Services (CENAMER) into deviating air traffic when the launches took places.

The second of these projects is The Torogoz Sounding Rocket Project which was conceived in 2011 as a research program involving university students, government institutions and industry professionals with the objective of developing a series of civilian sounding rockets with increasing complexity and capability that sequentially expand our understanding of atmospheric and spaceflight and allow us to develop tools, methodologies and infrastructure in order to ultimately launch a sounding rocket capable of reaching 121 km in a sub-orbital flight. The program which has been sponsored by the spaceflight start-up Salaverría Aerospace Company (SAC) has been able to launch rockets up to 4.5 km above ground level and has established an R&D facility in conjunction with the El Salvador Aerospace Institute (ESAI) and students from the University of Don Bosco (UDB).

The third project is the Colibrí Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Project which aims to launch a UAV from a high altitude balloon and fly to a specific landing site autonomously which is being co-developed by the Central American University, Jose Simeon Cañas (UCA) and University of Don Bosco (UDB), and the fourth project is the SalSat CubeSat, which aims to become the first satellite developed by El Salvador.

In order to provide an umbrella organization to host all of this innovative projects, the El Salvador Aerospace Institute (ESAI) was created in 2012 as a R&D center with the mission of “obtaining the capacity for developing and using aerospace assets to contribute to the national economy of El Salvador and improve the quality of life of its citizens.”

While private and academic support for space activities in El Salvador has been positive, government involvement on the other hand, has remained passive, due to its consideration as outside the scope of its policies. The success of projects Torogoz, Colibrí and SalSat aims to change this trend by providing evidence of the multiple benefits of space science and technology and its role in the development of new industries, new employment opportunities and knowledge that can improve the life of its citizens and bring prosperity to the nation.   


Past Space-related Events in 2016

The Torogoz Sounding Rocket Project saw notable advances in terms of infrastructure development, design advances and successful launch campaigns.

This was the first year that members of the El Salvador Aerospace Institute (ESAI) successfully participated in the 2016 KARI International Space Training hosted by the Korean Aerospace Research Institute in Daejeon, South Korea.

In addition, this was the second year that members of ESAI participated as delegates and presented several technical papers in the 67th International Astronautical Congress held in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Through the years several workshops, lectures and exhibitions about space engineering have been presented by members of ESAI in different events such as the United States Embassy in El Salvador’s “Space Month, 2013 & 2014”, Campus Party 2014, IEEE’s CONESCAPAN 2015, UDB’s “Semana de la Aeronautica 2013, 2014 & 2015”, UCA’s “II Congreso de Ingenieria y Arquitectura 2012” as well as many public and private schools and universities throughout the country. 


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in El Salvador

If you are interested in participating in any of the efforts to get El Salvador into space please click on the following links to get you started:

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About Luis Enrique Salaverría


View from ESAI’s third high altitude balloon launch (Esfera-3 Project, 2014)

The design and development team for the TER-1C rocket. (Torogoz Sounding Rocket Project, 2014)

Luis Alfaro, Ph.D. and Luis Salaverría BSAE in representation of the El 

Salvador Aerospace Institute in IAC 2016

Luis Salaverría giving a lecture about rocket engineering in Universidad Don Bosco, 2013



























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