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We are currently seeking a national point of contact for Yemen. More information available here.

Welcome to the page of SGAC Yemen. Yemen has always been a favorite of astronomers, in principle, to contain them on the mountains more than 3,000 meters high, and some places that are very favorable for astronomical and space observations. Yemen began interest in space and astronomy by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Alhaan in Crescent Observation. With a few of the possibilities of monitoring the Hejira months and cosmic phenomena, and supervise the work of the committees, semi Crescents field monitoring and coordination and communications among them in order to achieve reports during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid and prayer times and with people interested in this area.

Dr. A.H.Sultan is searching - in collaboration with a colleague from Swaziland - for the ideal site on the Arabian Peninsula summits for the installation of a regional observatory. A.H.Sultan participated in the International Heliophysical Year [IHY], which officially closed as of March 2009. Many aspects of IHY are being continued through the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI).

Though Yemen currently has no satellites of its own, it does have a receiving station where it gathers images from different satellites circling the earth. The construction of the Yemen Remote Sensing and GIS Center started in 2006, and the center has already been in use for two years.

In May 2008 the French Cultural Center in cooperation with Sana'a University, Yemen, presented an exhibition of satellite photos along with information to encourage aspiring scientists to use such technology. The photo show, called "The Earth Viewed From Above," was on display at the Jamal Abdul Nasser exposition room at the old University of Sana'a campus until May 28 and then after that at the French Cultural Center in Sana'a.

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Young Space Activities Overview in Yemen

As for now, National Point of Contact of Space Generation Advisory Council in Yemen will collaborate with Sana’a University and Aden University Department of Physics for a several activities in the Year 2017. 

Currently there are many activities in Yemen on space and we are hopeful to cooperate with the Advisory Board of the Space Generation for activities among the space communities in Yemen.


Country-Specific Events in 2017

  • Activities and seminars in the departments of Applied Sciences in Yemeni universities coming soon!


Interesting Web Links for the Space Generation in Yemen

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Yemen - The high mountain tops best suited for astronomical observation

Yemen -2015- Ankara summit of the highest peaks in Yemen best suited for satellite monitoring

Yemen -2014- scientific edifice of the Faculty of Science, University of Dhamar




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