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Chris Luwanga
Christopher Luwanga
Nov 2017 - Nov 2019
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Welcome to the Malawi SGAC national page! Takulandirani!

Malawi, fondly (and correctly) known as the Warm Heart of Africa, does not just yet have a space sector. We take it as a privilege to be part of the pioneering team to create such a sector, and we would like to leverage the SGAC platform to reach as many stakeholders as we can!

The page contains useful information about space activities in relation to the advancement of space policy, science, and technology in Malawi. Our goal is to provide you with information in the framework of SGAC outreach and education – past, present, and future.


Young Space Activities Overview

We're working on stimulating and awakening the dormant space community! We believe there are people interested in space, but, given that there is hardly any attention given to space studies or activities by the government or private sector, most space enthusiasts lack the channels to express that interest. Space awareness is our top priority. More importantly, however, we want to show that there are a ton of space applications that can have immediate positive impact on livelihoods in Malawi. For example, Malawi being a country that severely depends on agriculture, small satellites can be used to collect data that helps predict crop productivity and drastic climate changes. The data can be used to formulate appropriate policies in agriculture. We want to show that space science and technology are ever so relevant!

Country-Specific Events in 2018

April 2018 - Yuri's Night - Venue TBD

July 2018 - National Science Fair - A fair that brings together students from across Malawi - Kamuzu Academy, Kasungu, Malawi

October 4 - 10 2018 - World Space Week - Celebration of space science and technology highlighting their invaluable contribution toward bettering human lives - Malawi

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Malawi

The SGAC Africa Region Facebook Page - The official Facebook page for all of SGAC Africa



NPoC for Malawi, Christopher Luwanga (in tie), represented Malawi at the First Space Generation Advisory Workshop in Akure, Nigeria, November 2017

NPoC Malawi

NPoC for Malawi, Christopher Luwanga, presented at the United Nations/South Africa Symposium on Basic Space Technology, Cape Town, South Africa, December 2017

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