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Heading to the 2017, the new Bolivian "Space Era" is growing rapidly. More and more students, professors, universities and industries are venturing in this field and it is a pleasure to be part of it!. The main objective its being fulfilled, but, there is a long way to go yet!. As part of the SGAC Bolivian team, you will be able to take advantage of the opportunities given along the globe and inside Bolivia! So, what are you waiting for? Join the SGAC and walk with us!

Young Space Activities Overview in Bolivia

SG[Bolivia] 2016SG-[Bolivia] 2016 was a papers competition based on Space-related topics, the winners were awarded with a technical visit to the ground station of Amachuma, which controls and monitors the Bolivian telecommunications satellite TKSAT-1. SG[Bolivia] 2016 was the first activity of the SGAC in Bolivia. The aim of this activity was to promote the space activities among students and young professionals interested in science and space. In this visit, the students had the opportunity to observe closely the work that takes place in this ground station.

2nd Bolivian Aerospace ConferenceThis conference was held at the Military School of Engineering (EMI) in the beautiful city of La Paz - Bolivia, the congress had the support of various public institutions and various Bolivian and foreign universities. The conference had the participation of national and international keynote-speakers from countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Between the most renowned are TIMA Laboratory, The National Center for Scientific Research of France (CNRS), Airbus Space and Defense (ASTRIUM). The topics of the conference were: Ground station design, test radiation on EEE components, space monitoring applications, propulsion systems for satellites, nano-satellites, analogue astronaut missions and the use of remote sensing for the study of water resources.

These events were organized to promote interdisciplinary understanding of aerospace systems, their underlying science and technology, and their applications to government and commercial endeavors.

SG[Bolivia] 2016

2nd Bolivian Aerospace Conference


Country-Specific Events in 2017

The first National camp of astronomy is to be held on 24-26 November, 2017 at Lago Titicaca, La Paz – Bolivia
PRIMER CAMPAMENTO NACIONAL DE ASTRONOMÍA: Don’t miss amazing talks, workshops, observations of the space with professional telescopes, scientific discussions and much more.

Goals for the upcoming year focus on expanding the SGAC network in Bolivia, increasing awareness of space, and encouraging the people of our country, especially young people, to actively participate in space activities. 

The planned activities by the SGAC - Bolivia for the upcoming year are mainly:
• Use online social networking services (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as a tool to promote a national culture of awareness and involvement in space science.
• Organize and promote courses, seminars and activities related to space and the SGAC.
• Promote the creation of training modules at both undergraduate and graduate aerospace engineering topics.
• Encourage our members in Bolivia to participate in the South American Space Generation Workshop (SA-SGW), to be held in August 2017.


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Bolivia     

Amachuma Earth Station - Bolivian Space Agency


Max Schreier Planetarium (UMSA)

SGAC – South America Facebook Page  

Bolivian Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad

Bolivian Moon Rover : We are shooting for the stars. We are a Bolivian team, formed by 10 students who are interested in the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge, March 30 - April 1, 2017, at the U. S. Space & Rocket Center (Huntsville, Alabama). We find this opportunity as a door to a new perspective on space education. We have been building a moon rover for the last months, which in Bolivia becomes an extra challenge, so please visit our website and support us!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


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