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Yasith Lakmal
Mar 2015-Mar 2019
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SGAC-Sri Lanka


Young Space Activities Overview in Sri Lanka

There are some government organizations and non-government Astronomical Societies which have given hand to the rise of Astronomy and Space Science sector in Sri Lanka. They organize workshops, Night camps, Astronomy Quiz Competitions, Water Rocket Competitions annually as well as for  special events (such as  Lunar Eclipses, Solar Eclipses etc.) for the public and students (who are studying in schools and universities) to popularize Astronomy  among them. In 2008 University Grants Commission in Sri Lanka  made a decision to enter Astronomy and Astrophysics as a full course unit for  Physical Science stream   in  some local universities (University of Colombo. University of Peradeniya , University of Ruhuna and Open University in Sri Lanka) . This decision helped to encourage some  university  students to select their higher studies subject as Astronomy and Astrophysics and do Astronomy and Space Science based researches. The government organizations, Sir Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technology (ACCIMT) and Sri Lanka National Planetarium do a huge job to popularize Astronomy and space science among Sri Lankans. The Largest Optical Telescope which is GOTO 45cm Cassegrain telescope is located at ACCIMT and it provides facilities for university students (undergraduate & Post Graduate) who are interested in Astronomy to do their higher study  researches in Astronomy and Space Applications. You can explore some research reports that were published by Space Application Division of ACCIMT here.

Secondary Level students are introduced astronomy and space explorations by a section related to Science and Technology. This builds a foundation in their minds of being a Astronaut or Astro-Scientist  while Sri Lankan National Planetarium brings the reality of the universe to their minds. Non-government organizations are doing a huge job for the rise of Astronomy and Space Science in Sri Lanka. They include Astronomy and Space Study Centre in Sri Lanka (ASSC), Sri Lanka Astronomical Association (SLAA) and some school-based Astronomical Societies. Since 2007, Sri Lanka has been participating in International Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA). Sri Lanka sends a team consisting of 5  highly talented highschool & university students  who receive the best results in National Astrophysics Olympiad competition (SLOAA). Our students have shown great talent in IOAA competitions and achieved some awards. Sri Lanka successfully launched its first communication Satellite (Supreme SAT) in 2012 from  Xichang Launching centre at China. This was the first step of Sri Lankans to space. Getting help from China, the first Space centre in Sri Lanka  is under constructing in Pallekale (near to Kandy). These projects will help young Sri Lankans to achieve great opportunities in Space Science sector. SGAC Sri Lanka hopes to bring young Sri Lankans together to grow a network of all above events to create a better future for Sri Lankans.

Country Specific Events in 2018

February - Star Party 2018 - Annual Astronomy Observation Competition-University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
June - Asteroids Searching Campaign-1st ever Sri Lankan Asteroid Searching Campaign-Island wide


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Sri Lanka


Star Party
Mathematical and Astronomy Society, University of Colombo
Sri Lanka Astronomical Association (SLAA)
Astronomy and Space Study Centre (ASSC)
Astronomy and Space Science Association, University of Kelaniya

Sri Lankan Planetarium- The official website of the Sri Lankan Planetarium


Space Applications Division , Arthur C Clark Institute of Modern Technologies
Sri Lanka National Planetarium
Institute of Physics Sri Lanka - The official website of the Physics Institute of Sri Lanka 
Arthur C Clarke Institute of Modern Technologies-The official website of the Sri Lankan Research Institute of Modern Technologies 


The Open University faculty of natural sciences offers astronomy as a subject in its joint major degree programme
University of Colombo offers astronomy as subject as part of a physics special degree

Astronomy Knowledge 

Astronomy News @ Astroananda

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3rd AP-SGW Representers from Sri Lanka

Discoveries of 7 main belt Asteroids

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GNSS Summer School 2016 Star Party 2016
SGAC - Sri Lanka SGAC - Sri Lanka
Asteroids found from Sri Lanka in 2017 4th APSGW Sri Lankan Delegates
SGAC - Sri Lanka
GNSS Summer School Participation 2017



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