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The International Astronautical Federation’s (IAF) Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (EIC) in cooperation with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) challenges young minds to think about the future, past and present of Entrepreneurship and Investment within the Space Sector and submit their views and analysis to this competition.

The content of papers may address any topic related to ‘Global Public/Private Innovative Initiatives in Spaceflight’ that you might regard as particularly interesting or important. Questions addressed may include, but are not limited to:

  • What are the historic and/or current definitions and examples of public-private partnership models?
  • Which roles do governments and industry take within public-private partnerships in different markets?
  • What are opportunities and/or barriers for public-private partnerships in different space market segments?
  • How can private-public partnerships be used to reduce the cost of space launch and in-orbit infrastructure?
  • How do industry and governments complement each other in regard to global space undertakings?
  • Other topics can include analyses of commercial spaceflight markets/market segments using existing market and industry models. Feedback on the acceptance of different topics can be obtained by submitting an abstract early on.



The main author of the winning paper will receive an award of USD 2500 in order to attend and give a presentation at the Space Generation Congress (SGC) 2013 and the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2013 in Beijing, China. Dates are:

Space Generation Congress: 19th – 21st September 2013
International Astronautical Congress: 23rd – 27th September 2013



  1. The papers should conform to the rules for submission to the IAC, a template can be downloaded here. They must include original content and research.
  2. The participants are encouraged to submit an abstract at an early point of their process. Based upon the scientific direction of the paper explained in the abstract, the participant will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of the paper to the competition. If no abstract has been handed in, the acceptance will be decided upon based on the final paper.
  3. The final submissions are due as PDF or MS Word documents and should be emailed to Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.. All submissions must be made by July 7th, 2013 by 23:59 GMT.
  4. All submission emails should have a point of contact identified in the email with name, affiliation, address, email, and phone number. This point of contact should be the main author of the paper. Any submissions after the due date will not be considered. Award winner will be announced by 1st August, 2013 (tentative).
  5. The winning author is required to give a presentation of his/her paper at IAC 2013 and at SGC 2013.
  6. Submissions can be made by individuals or teams up to a maximum of three members. In case of team submissions, one member must be identified as the main author and main point of contact. Only one member of the team will be eligible to receive the prize funding to attend the conferences. All team members must be at or under thirty-five (35) years of age by 23rd September 2013 (born after September 23rd, 1978).

For the complete rules, please see the Terms and Conditions.



Entries accepted:
Submission Deadline:
Winners announced:
Space Generation Congress:
International Astronautical Congress:
Extended: July 7th 2013 (23:59 GMT)
1st August 2013 (tentatively)
19th – 21st September 2013, Beijing, China
23rd – 27th September 2013, Beijing, China



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Space Frontier Foundation

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Mr. Ken Davidian
Mr. Adil Jafry

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Julio Aprea Philipp Maier Asra Najam

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