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Cooperation Partners

  • FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation
  • IAF Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee



  • Project Leads
    Pablo Zurdo Santos (Spain)
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    Shila Shojaee (Italy)
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  • Advisory Team
    Julio Aprea (ESA)
    Ken Davidian (FAA)
    Daniel Faber (Heliocentric LLC)
    Stefano M. Fiorilli (ESA)
    Robert P. Mueller (NASA)
    Rex Ridenoure (IZUP LLC)

Interested in joining? If you like to get involved in our work, read carefully the "ACTIVITIES" and "TEAM" sections below.



Commercial space activities have, since the inception in 1960s, provided space segments with a dynamic and diverse arena for competitive prices and efficient resources utilization. The Communications Satellite Sector represents an unprecedented success for the attempt of commercialization experiments, followed by the launch services market and most recently by emerging markets in space tourism and planetary resources exploitation. Driven by the game-changing current developments in the commercial space world and their foreseeable importance in the future, we feel that it is time that the young generation of space enthusiasts become involved and introduced to this world.

The group’s work is structured into four main areas:

  1. The Context of Commercial Space
  2. Commercial Space Models and Market Segments
  3. The Role of Policy and Law in Shaping the Commercial Space Industry
  4. Business Models / Entrepreneurship



  • To conduct academic research on the “theory of industrial practice” in the commercial space sector.
  • To gather a next generation “think-tank” for commercial space.
  • To Make the project influential upon decision-makers and getting the generation’s thoughts on commercial space be heard publicly.
  • To Equip the young generation with knowledge, tools and network to be active in the realm of commercial space and entrepreneurship.


ACTIVITIES / How can you get involved?

The Project Group’s main year-around activities consist of the scientific discourse with commercial space, i.e. the preparation of publishable material. These permanent activities will be complemented by webinars, regional meetings, etc. that aim at spreading the work done within the group, equipping members of our generation with valuable tools and knowledge, and, not to forget, getting to know each other and representatives from the Commercial Space world. Current activities include:

  • Working on an IAA report - Public/Private Access to Space The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) is currently working on its second report on Public/Private Access to Space, subtitled “Earth Orbit and Beyond”. The project under its structure “Commercial Space Models and Market Segments” will contribute to the IAA report. (More information on opportunities to contribute to this activity can be found here)
  • Social Networking Roundtable We will use the opportunity of the International Astronautical Congress to get the group members together with part of the group’s advisory team for the purpose of getting to know each other and informal discussions.

  • Commercial Space Blog Members of the group regularly publish their analysis and opinions on the blog. It is a platform for exchanging ideas and showing the perspectives of students and young professionals towards the Space industry.
  • $pace is Business! Competition The Space Generation Advisory Council, in partnership with the International Astronautical Federation’s Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (EIC), initiated the Commercial Space Paper Competition in 2012 for students and young professionals - $pace is Business! SGAC and EIC intend to continue the efforts to encourage young students and professionals interested in commercial space to get involved. This effort will be incorporated in the Commercial $pace project. The author of the winning paper will be granted a scholarship to participate in two annual conferences, the SGC and IAC.

    $pace is Business! Competition winning papers:
    2013 Paper
    2012 Paper

    2012 Presentation

You can find more specific information on current opportunities to get involved here.



Young space enthusiasts at the Space Generation Advisory Council are currently working on establishing the Commercial $pace Project Group as a permanent project of the council. We are the young generation with the same enthusiasm in commercial space theories and practices and volunteer to get involved with the project.

  • Current Members
    Zhuoyan Lu (SGAC)
    Philipp Maier (SGAC)
    Noemie Bernede (SGAC)
    Jie Hou (Durham University)
    Lluc Palerm Serra (SGAC)
    Azam Shaghaghi (York University)
    Jan Svoboda (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Potential Members
    Are you interested in the development of commercial space activties, fascinated by the current ventures of “Space Billionaires” and eager to look a little bit deeper into the markets? Or do you have ideas yourself that you want to share and develop? Join us in creating the Commercial $pace Project Group at the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)!

    Contact the Project Leads:
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