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The space environment is an international domain and requires collaborative efforts from all space-faring nations to ensure the safety and sustainability of this environment. It is therefore essential that there is a wider awareness of an international culture of space safety and sustainability among the space community.

The Working Group will assist in building the highest possible degree of uniformity in regulations and standards, procedures and organisation regarding space safety and sustainability. This will be achieved through meetings, reports, conference presentations, competitions, and outreach projects.

The Working Group is calling for SGAC members to volunteer to be a part of this excellent, global project. Want to join? Fill in the following form and the SSS co-leads will contact you with further information.


Sub Group

Subject Areas

Space Debris

  • Detection and mitigation
  • Re-entry risk assessment
  • Removal

Space Safety

  • Spacecraft risk assessment
  • Space flight and operational safety
  • System safety design

Space Situational Awareness

  • Space traffic management and control
  • Collision avoidance
  • Data sharing

Space Weather Effects

  • Neutral atmosphere effects
  • Radiation effects
  • Thermal effects


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