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  • Being part of the voice of the next generation of space sector leaders: Have direct input on projects representing the youth view on space topics whose results have the direct ears and eyes of high-level leaders of current government, industry, and non-governmental organisations
  • Participating in top space events designed for university students and young professionals: Attend SGAC high-energy and high-impact conferences, outreach events, and gatherings around the world
  • Receiving exclusive scholarships and opportunities: SGAC and its partners sponsor members to attend conferences and to participate in panels, competitions, and positions only open to SGAC members
  • Networking: Meet up-and-coming international leaders in all areas of the space sector
  • Staying in the space loop: Receive updated news, job-postings, and information from all corners of the global space sector - sign up to our TALK mailing list (open to everybody interested in space). 


The Space Generation Advisory Council has allowed me to travel the world and has connected me with my peers who are committed to continuing Human’s presence in space. Particularly coming from Africa, without SGAC, it would be close to impossible for my voice to be heard by people making the decisions now. Thank you, SGAC!

–Castory Ntullu, Tanzania

Being an engineering student in the space sector, there is only so much I feel I can do from my university dorm room to affect change in the space sector even though I have great ideas and aspirations for space in the future. From participating in SGAC, I feel like I am plugged in to the decision makers not just here in Latin America or the Western Hemisphere, but also internationally.

–Ana Alexandra Perez, Venezuela

How to Register

Registering and becoming a member is free! Go to the registration page and register for an account. After you have registered your account and verified your email, you may login to the SGAC member-only website to access the our network's newest tool - SpaceBook.

What To Do To Get Immediately Involved Once You Join

Once you login, browse the website and become more familiar with SGAC and its activities. Consider joining a project group or investigate your country page to participate in local events. If you need more ideas or have your own idea for SGAC activity, please contact your National Point of Contact as to how you can get involved.  Interested in becoming a National Point of Contact?  Click here for more information.


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