SGAC Executive Director Contributes to a Women In Aerospace Panel at the Berlin Airshow

10 June, 2010

Ariane Cornell contributes her thoughts about developing women in the aerospace sector on a panel with the CEO of EADS and ESA’s Director of Human Space Flight.

SGAC Executive Director Contributes to a Women In Aerospace Panel at the Berlin Airshow

June 10, 2010

On June 9th, SGAC Executive Director, Ariane Cornell, served on a panel sponsored by the Women in Aerospace’s European branch at the Berlin Airshow at Schoenefeld Airport. The panel covered the topic of women in aerospace and featured Louis Gallois, the CEO of EADS, as well as Simonetta di Pippo, Director of Human Space Flight at the European Space Agency (ESA). Rounding out the panel were Nathalie Toso, Research Scientist and Project Manager in DLR Structural Integrity Department and Anna Schubert, Thermal Engineer for EADS Astrium Space Transportation.


During the hour-long panel, the participants dove into what it will take to raise the percentage of women in the aerospace sector. Louis Gallois began the panel with a keynote speech in which he stated that EADS has a goal of having 20% of EADS’ operations, manufacturing, and engineering workforce be females by 2020. Adding to the challenge, he revealed that the women entering science and technology studies in Europe is actually declining. The discussion then broadened to the panel where issues like quotas, mentoring programs, cultural shifts, maternal support and recruiting practices were debated.

“As a young woman, I have not directly faced discrimination during my engineering courses at school or so far during my professional career, but I know women who have,” stated Ariane. “What would be helpful would be to see more women in leadership positions ahead of me – people to look up to. I think this will encourage more young women to strive for those top spots. Increasing the number of women in the international aerospace field is by no means an overnight change. All the more reason to start now. Cooperation between youth organisations, like SGAC, and networking organisations, like Women In Aerospace, is integral to achieving this goal.”



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