SGAC membership has been steadily growing throughout the years. Among our membership there are many incredible young space enthusiasts who should be recognised for their hard work and contributions to SGAC. In December 2009, the SGAC Executive Council decided to acknowledge one member per month for his or her outstanding work and contributions to SGAC and its goals, and we continued this until today.

SGAC is proud to present the SGAC March 2014 Member of the Month: Nicole Jordan (Out-going RC of South America)

Miss Jordan is currently the Director of Business Development for Senseta Inc. A solutions provider global company for Big Data Nicole JordanChallenges. She is responsible for the growth of new business opportunities, alliances and investment. Prior to Senseta, Miss Jordan served as the Strategic Relations Liaison, Operations for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space, where she coordinated and managed the operational and logistical aspects of payload projects and served as liaison between principal investigators, commercial entities, implementation partners, NASA points of contact and senior project management. Miss Jordan also worked at the X PRIZE Foundation as the Team Liaison for Space Prizes and the Manager and Technical Lead for the Rocket Operations. In these roles she performed technical reviews of new upcoming rocket development teams (including rocket teams launching in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge and the Google Lunar X PRIZE) for technical credibility and operational safety. She was responsible for the coordination of experimental permits, launch licenses, burn-time waivers, and certificate of authorisation applications issued from the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation. In addition to working for X PRIZE, Ms. Jordan was also a certified parabolic flight coach for the Zero Gravity Corporation. Prior to her work with these prestigious organisations, Ms. Jordan worked at the NASA Ames research center as the lead engineer for the ESTOL project. Miss, Jordan is currently serves ad the Deputy Director for the Silicon Valley Space Business Roundtable and is a consultant to the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. She had the honour to serve as the Colombian National Point of Contact, and well as the South America Regional Coordination for the Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the United Nations Program on Space Applications for over 6 years. Earlier in her career, she spent time within the airshow industry where she participated in the training and management of young aerobatic pilots. Nicole loves flying as a private pilot and is currently working on her own aerobatic training. She has B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the California Polytechnic State University and M.S. in Astronautical Engineering from the University of Southern California. Miss Jordan was born in Bogota Colombia and has spend the last 18 years working and studying in the US.

The SGAC Executive Office, nominated Nicole, here is Chris Vasko, SGAC Co-Chair, quote:
Nicole is an integral member who dedicated a lot of time and effort in the past years to SGAC. Nicole was part of the team for way longer then her two terms she served as Regional Coordinator for South America, and continuously working with passion on the topic that unites us all: Space! I met her for the first time in Cape Town, during SGC 2011, and she made an impression knowing her way around the IAC and SGAC. I'm glad I had the chance of working with her. Good luck Nicky! We will miss you!

Here is Nicole's reaction:
I am honoured to be selected as the member of the month, SGAC is an amazing organisation, and  after being involved in it for over 6 years, I am very grateful to have been able to meet such a wonderful group of people.

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