SGAC membership has been steadily growing throughout the years. Among our membership there are many incredible young space enthusiasts who should be recognized for their hard work and contributions to SGAC. In December 2009, the SGAC Executive Council decided to acknowledge one member per month for his or her outstanding work and contributions to SGAC and its goals, and we continued this until today.

SGAC is proud to present the SGAC March Member of the Month: Michal Kunes.


Michal Kunes (Czech Republic)

Michal Kunes

Michal works as a consultant at the Czech Space Office and this position opened him the door to an international space community and SGAC. He was National Point of Contact for the Czech Republic, helped to organise several SGAC events such as the Space Generation Congress or the European Space Generation Workshop, and recently became Scholarships Coordinator. He is also a member of five committees under the International Astronautical Federation. Furthermore, he established the Czech Space Network, an association of Czech students and young professionals interested in getting involved in space projects. Michal holds two master's degrees. He studied Corporate Economics and Management at the University of Economics in Prague and Aircraft and Space Systems at the Czech Technical University in Prague.


Michal was nominated by Alexander Gibson, Space Generation Fusion Forum 2017 Manager:

“Michael did an outstanding job organizing and leading the assessment of the 2017 Global Grants. We had a record number of applications (70 - a more than 50% increase from 2016), and his objectivity and diligence in providing oversight was exceptional. He ensured that applicants received responses in a timely manner and the vast array of backgrounds and qualifications were fairly assessed in the process. Additionally, he led efforts to set up a new scholarship for SGFF with GSA, whle balancing the other competitions running at the same time. Myself and the SGFF management team heartily recommend him for Member of the Month, due to his dedication and efforts during an exceptionally busy time.”


Here's Michal's reaction:

"I am very grateful for being recognised as the SGAC Member of the Month. I have been an SGAC member since 2013 and had the chance to meet and work with many inspiring people, get involved in interesting projects, and gain new experience. SGAC gave me a lot and I will continue to support this amazing organisation!


From SGAC Chair, Stephanie Wan:

"I am excited that Michal is recognized for his hard work in organizing the ever growing number of competition and scholarships over the past years. It is a challenging role that operates quietly behind the scenes to make things happen and as more organizations want to partner with SGAC, we are looking forward to offering more opportunities! Definitely make sure to thank Michal and the team in person when you see him at the next SGAC event!"

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