SGC 2009, Daejon

A Global Space Congress for Youth Interested in Tomorrow's Space Issues


Youth Interested in Tomorrow's Space Issues

This year, SGC will take place in Daejeon, South Korea on
8-10 October 2009

The Space Generation Congress (SGC) is the annual meeting of the most active members of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), so get involved today! This year, the SGC projects will be centered around the 5 themes of the IAC: agency, industry, climate, exploration, and peace. Participants are both students and young professionals under 35 years old. SGAC aims to promote space exploration and to be the voice of youth in support of space.

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Alex Karl


Ben Baseley-Walker

Executive Officer

Agnieszka Lukaszczyk
 International Team    

Logistics Coordinator

Andrea Boyd

Assistant Logistics Coordinator

H. Aziz Kayihan
Project Coordinator
Alex Karl

Assistant Project Coordinator

Marko Gacesa
Fundraising Coordinator

Julio Aprea
Assistant Fundraising Coordinator
Kat Coderre

Delegate Coordinator

Juergen Schlutz

Assistant Delegate Coordinator

Nicole Jordan

Communications Director

Daniela Petrova

Assistant Communications Director

Alexandra Ruths
Website Coordinator Sanjoy Som
 Daejeon Team    

Conference Venues Coordinator

Yeongju Kim

Lodging Coordinator

Semina Yi

Communications Coordinator

Simon Lee

Travel Logistics Coordinator

Sung Wook Paek

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