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Explorers Wanted: Out of the cradle, into action

Explorers Wanted: Out of the cradle, into action

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Explorers Wanted: Out of the cradle, into action

Welcome to the Space Generation Congress 2005 in Fukuoka, Japan, where more than 160 young delegates from over 35 countries will formulate and realize the visions and recommendations of youth on the exploration and peaceful uses of space.

“The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever”

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Visionary and pioneer of astronautics, Kaluga, 1911

This year's theme “Explorers wanted: Out of the cradle, into action”, captures the new spirit of exploration in space industry. As individuals and corporations make their first steps into a new era, we make a call to all explorers who dream of leaving our cradle, Earth, to explore the solar system and beyond.

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Applications are now open for the Space Generation Congress 2005. Go to the delegates section for more information! There are a number of scholarships and awards for delegates, so apply early and don't miss out!


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