SGC 2002, Houston

Accelerating our Pace in Space

The Space Generation Summit

11-19TH OCTOBER, 2002

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The Space Generation Summit

The highlight of this year was the convening of our first independent large scale conference – the Space Generation Summit. Over 200 students and young space professionals gathered in October 2002, in conjunction with the World Space Congress (WSC) held in Houston, USA. Here we developed youth ideas and recommendations on space activities to present to the world space community gathered at WSC. Results were presented in 13 papers during WSC technical sessions, a presentation at the main plenary session and through a stand displaying SGAC projects in the exhibition hall. In addition, SGAC was invited to present some of our key policy recommendations of youth to the Space Policy Summit.


SGS Staff

Executive Director Kelly Snook    
Event Coordinator Julia Tizard    
Programme Directors Nishi Rawat William Marshall  
Delegates Directors William Marshall Stuart Gill
Finance Coordinator Robbie Schingler    
Space Policy Summit Liaison Iole DeAngelis    

Jim Volp

Chad Ohlandt

Paul Reilly

Shane Kemper

SGS Local Directors Kennda Lynch Donald Barker Rick Pettys
Space Gen Liaisons Loretta Hidalgo George Whitesides  
International Organisers

Gulnara Omarov

James Moody

Bojan Pecnik

Fernando Stancato

Jim Volp

Isabel Pessoa-Lopes

Nicole Smith

Virgiliu Pop

Pinar Tan

Imran Majid

Ed Chester



UN Interface Liaisons Shane Kemper Isabel Pessoa-Lopes  
Local Organisers

Greg Diderich

Jennifer Mendeck

Caroline Kostack

Don Barker

Gavin Mendeck

Sarah Shull

Mary-Anne Pettys

George Abbey Jr.

Rebecca Cutri-Kohart

Ethan Reid

John Keefner


Media Coordinator Loretta Hidalgo    
Mentors Jon Bergstrom Lance Bush  
Forum I: Space Exploration Julia Tizard Abby Tripathi  
Forum II: International Cooperation Nishi Rawat Stuart Gill  
Forum III: Commerce and Space Robbie Schingler Isabel Pessoa-Lopes  
Forum IV: Space to Enhance Life on Earth
William Marshall Iole De Angelis  


Space Policy Summit

Track I: Pioneers
Track II: Prospectors
Track III: Peacekeepers
Track IV: Protectors

Forum I: Space Exploration

WG Report - Space Policy Perspectives of Young Space Professionals
IAF Paper - To the Moon for our Generation: Human Exploration of the Moon - A Youth Perspective
IAF Paper - SETI and Astrobiology: Contact - A Youth Perspective
WG Report - Establishing a Permanent International Human Presence in Space - A Youth Perspective
WG Report - Human Exploration and Development of Mars - A Youth Perspective
WG Report - International Centre for Advnaced Propulsion and Launchers

Forum II: International Cooperation

WG Report - Political Mechanisms for Long Range Survival and Development
IAF Paper - Innovative Ideas for Coordinating International Space Activities
IAF Paper - Youth Initiatives and Projects on Human rights and Ethics in Space Activities
IAF Paper - Cosmos Education: Under African Skies and other Youth Initiatives for Hands-on Education Using Space

Forum III: Commerce and Space

WG Report - Bridging the Worlds of Entertainment and Space
IAF Paper - Space Tourism - A Youth Perspective
IAF Paper - The Global Award for Space Exploration - A Youth Initiative
IAF Paper - Global Space Outreach Initiatives and New Ideas from the Space Generation Summit

Forum IV: Space to Enhance Life on Earth

IAF Paper - Planetary Protection - A Youth Initiative
IAF Paper - International Disaster Mitigation and Planetary Defense Programmes
IAF Paper - Mobile Satellite Communications for Emergency Relief, Education for Sustainable Development

Sponsors and Acknowledgements


  • European Space Agency, Education Office
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Aerospace Academy
  • Moby (Artist)
  • American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics Young Professionals
  • United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Elements International
  • United Space Alliance
  • Space Generation Foundation
  • Rice University
  • International Space University


  • Jean Riley - AIAA
  • Judy Caroldregas - AIAA
  • Lisa Bacon - AIAA
  • Nicole Smith - AIAA Young Professionals
  • Mac Evans – Canadian Space Agency
  • Prof. Wubbo Ockels - ESA-ESTEC
  • Caroline Pujol - ESA-ESTEC
  • Meredith Lane - Hilton Hotel
  • Karl Doetsch - ISU
  • Peggy Finnereli - ISU
  • Ronda Cole - Kirtland air force
  • Gerald Mora - Kirtland air force
  • Dr. Lance Bush - NASA-HQ
  • General Howel - NASA-JSC
  • Dan Carpenter - NASA-JSC
  • Michelle Isermann - NASA-JSC
  • Beth Chaplan - NASA-JSC
  • Peggy Wooten - NASA-JSC
  • Sean Collins - NASA-JSC
  • Donna Baumer - NASA-JSC
  • Patricia Dickinson - NASA-JSC
  • Merri Sanchez - NASA JSC
  • Dr. Sergei Krikalev – Russian Space Agency
  • Dr. Sergio Camacho – UN-OOSA


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