• STDM Project Group
    STDM Project Group

    Advanced Space Technologies are an essential tool when disaster strikes - find out more with the  Group on Space Technologies For Disaster Management (STDM) Group!

  • SSS Group

    It is vital to keep space clean, safe and useable for future generations - if you are curious how you can contribute, be sure to check out the Space Safety and Sustainability Group!

  • Small Satellites Project Group

    Are you interested in the small satellite community and would like to be up-to-date, while meeting young professionals and students from around the world? Join our group!

  • NEO Project Group

    Near Earth Objects are a substantial hazard to our civilization, but also an opportunity for further space development. The NEO group focuses on everything from detection and mitigation to resource utilization. Check out our page for more information and learn how to get involved!

  • SLP Project Group

    The Space Law and Policy Group incorporates all aspects of those two broad fields of study. It develops the term ‘space law’ as all types of space-related international and national regulations and laws, whereas it interprets the term ‘space policy’ as all kinds of objectives and action plans of the international space community.


Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group

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Project Group Overview

Space safety refers to the safeguard of valuable space facilities and people on the ground and in orbit as well as the security of the ground and space environments themselves. Space activities have created an orbital debris environment that poses increasing collision risks to existing space systems, including human spaceflight and robotic missions. Even small, untrackable particles can cause considerable destruction to spacecraft or their subsystems. The proliferation of space debris and the increased possibilities of collision and interference raise concerns about the long-term sustainability of space activities, particularly in the Low Earth Orbit and Geostationary Earth Orbit environments. It is vital that we act now to keep space clean, safe and useable for future generations.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To encourage active participation among students and young professionals in space safety and sustainability related debates and activities.
  2. To create an international space forum to showcase the perspectives of the next generation of space leaders on the safety and long-term sustainability of outer space activities.
  3. To afford current industry stakeholders access to a pool of young space enthusiasts interested in space safety and sustainability related issues.


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