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PMAS 2017 Student Competitions

In the lead-up to and during the PMAS 2017 mission (scheduled for July 29 - August 13 2017), the SEPG is planning to run several competitions for students, young professionals, and interested members of the general public, in multiple age brackets, from all around the world. These competitions are designed to achieve key mission objectives, namely:

  • Develop effective strategies for challenges and issues facing future deep space exploration missions
  • Design hardware and/or software to improve astronauts’ life and work
  • Develop sustainable techniques for future space missions to reduce negative human impact on solar system bodies
  • Involve the public, especially students and young professionals, in space exploration missions, operations, and scientific experiments by providing them the opportunity to contribute their ideas and solutions to current and future challenges
  • Foster a deeper public understanding of the importance of human space flight and its role in human and technological development
  • Inspire the next generation to dream of and design a future in space
  • Spread SGAC’s visions and activities around the world


The competitions will consist of several rounds for different types of competitions. The first round contains 3 competitions focused on themes of human life, activity, and impact on the Moon and Mars, which are designed to be accessible and interesting to a wide range of audience. Technical and scientific challenges to follow closer to the mission. Competitions submissions open April 22 2017, and will be promoted and run online (website/social media) in poster & post form, through SGAC and SEPG PMAS 2017’s social media channels (eg. SGAC mailing list, PMAS2017 website, SEPG Twitter, SEPG Facebook, PMAS 2017 Instagram), as well as in certain physical locations, with relevant institutional permission (e.g. universities or local schools).


First Round Competitions

  • PC1.0 Painting Competition for students and young professionals aged 10-14, 14-18, and 18-35. Targeting theme ‘humanity’ and ‘Mars.’ Background: Arts, Design, Students.

  • PHC1.0 Photography Competition for students and young professionals aged 14-18 and 18-35. Targeting themes ‘human space exploration, impacts & sustainability’, ‘life on Mars.’ Background: preferably Arts, Photography, and Astrophotography. Students and the general public are also welcomed.

  • SC1.0 Sustainability Competition for students and young professionals aged 14-18 and 18-35. Background: Science (Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Biochemistry, etc.), Engineering.


Jury and Evaluation Criteria

Competitions will be judged by members of The SEPG/PMAS team who specialise and/or are qualified in the fields being assessed (i.e., professional visual artists, astrophysicists, etc.). Entries will be assessed according to several criteria:

  • Whether the entry is Innovative, Novel, or Interesting 40%

  • Whether the entry is Relevant to Key Themes and Well-Researched 30%

  • The Technical Skill in Execution (either technical feasibility in proposals/ideas/essay pitches, or artistic or technical skill in photos/paintings) 30%


How To Participate

  1. Applicants must read the Competitions Description and Guidelines, and FAQs and Terms and Conditions documents carefully to clearly understand what is required for each competitions.
  2. Applicants can submit their entries via file/upload to a dedicated PMAS 2017 competition email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Submissions close May 27 2017. Submissions/entries received after the deadline will not be considered for awards. Judging will then take place, and winners will be announced June 12, over email & SEPG social media channels. There will be 3 winners for each competition.

 *By participating in the PMAS 2017 competitions, the applicant agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the PMAS 2017 competitions outlined in the above mentioned documents*


Public Outreach

M.A.R.S Lunar Mission Astronauts During a Night EVA

(Analog astronauts during the first lunar mission at the M.A.R.S. Laboratory. Credit:  Mariusz Słonina)

The Poland Mars Analogue Simulation 2017 Mission is committed to reaching students and educators, as well as enthusiasts from all nations. The experience will be documented and released, allowing public access to the mission’s activities and outcomes.

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