1 January 2018

As the number of scholarship opportunities within the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) has increased dramatically in the past few years, the organisation is seeking an ambitious, and highly motivated volunteers to join the Competitions and Scholarships Team. Be a part of shaping the future of our organisation, while growing your space network, and working on your leadership skills!

Deadline for applications: 25 January 2018



The SGAC Scholarships Team members will report to the Scholarships Coordinators and help with the planning and implementation of different scholarship programs. Duties include:

  • Planning new scholarships and their rules
  • Maintaining scholarships rules and template documents to support proposals for new competitions
  • Communicating with sponsors and partners to tailor competition rules

  • Promotion of scholarships

  • Reviewing and evaluating applications

  • Communicating with applicants and winners

  • Working with the event teams to make sure there is a hand off of the winners to the relevant events

This list is only a general list of duties. Depending on need, the team members may be assigned to support a specific scholarship or scholarship programs of specific events.

Estimated time commitment: 3 - 4 hours per week


Necessary Qualifications

  • SGAC membership: registration on the SGAC website and below 34 years of age

  • Ability to respond quickly and efficiently to emails

  • Experience with project management and task scheduling
  • Awareness of international cultural cooperation principles, concepts and techniques
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Familiarity with the SGAC mission and its objectives
  • Strong working knowledge of computer applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Google Apps
  • Customer service mentality
  • Professional fluency (speaking, reading, and writing) in English
  • Teamwork capacity and proven leadership skills
  • Understanding of the global space sector landscape is preferred but not necessary
  • Experience with running scholarships, competition or grant programs is a plus



As part of the Competitions and Scholarships Team, you will have the opportunity to network with space industry professionals, academics, and organisations. The successful applicant will also have the opportunity to enhance his/her leadership, business development and management skills, and grow his/her skill sets to work with an international, interdisciplinary, and multicultural team. Benefits of this position include:

  • Meeting and working with young space sector leaders from around the world

  • Having a higher chance of receiving SGAC scholarships to attend conferences around the world

  • Being recognised internationally as part of the organisation's staff on the SGAC Team webpage

  • Being invited to attend United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space meetings and other conferences as part of the official SGAC delegation

  • Building leadership skills and other skills that are directly translatable to your career

This is a voluntary role and has no monetary compensation. Active members of SGAC teams are considered for nomination for SGAC Scholarships and Awards, including fee waivers or discounts for SGAC event fees.


How to Apply

To apply please send an email with subject heading: [LAST NAME, 2018 SGAC Scholarships Team] with the following:

  • Resume (with headshot photo and date of birth) (limit 2 pages)
  • Letter of Intent, detailing your suitability for the role (limit 1 page)
  • Up to 3 examples of past experiences relevant to the position and how they have prepared you for this role

All applications must be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Only complete applications will be considered.


Application Timeline

Applications Open

1 January 2018

Applications Close

25 January 2018

Review of Applications

25-31 January 2018

Online interviews for select pool of applicants

1-15 February 2018

Announcement of successful applicant  

25 February 2018

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