15th April 2017

In preparation for the Space Generation Congress (SGC) in Adelaide, Australia on 21st - 23rd September 2017, SGAC is seeking for qualified volunteers interested in moderating the SGC Working Groups. One moderator is needed for each of the SGC Working Groups. Performing this role will allow you to further develop your communication skills and leadership capabilities. You will also enjoy an international experience and make connections with students and young professionals from around the world.

Please read further for the requirements and application details. Applications are open to all SGAC members.

Deadline for Applications: May 1st, 2017


Working Group Moderators

Moderators coordinate a Working Group and facilitate team discussion about the Working Group Topic (see the preliminary Working Group topics below).

Tasks include:

  • Work with Subject Matter Experts, Working Group speakers and conference delegates as a team, emphasising good communication and moderating discussions
  • Provide respectful feedback during the discussions
  • Answer and direct the discussion in a timely, polite and fair manner
  • Ensure SGC Working Groups are on task and on topic
  • Follow up with working group members to coordinating and edit your group’s contribution to the SGC final report
  • Report to the SGC Working Group Coordinators on progress and direction

In order to support the preparation of moderators, selected applicants will have a dedicated SGC Moderators Workshop to prepare for the role. The workshop aims to enhance your professional development, leadership, and international collaboration skills, as well as your verbal and written communication. Note that being selected for this position does not automatically imply that SGAC would provide funding for attending the Congress.



To apply, please submit: 

  1. Your headshot photo, (examples may be found on the SGAC team page);
  2. An updated Curriculum Vitae (including your Date of Birth);
  3. A letter of intent with a maximum of 500 words that details:
    1. Your suitability for the Moderator role;
    2. Your preference of Working Group topic;
    3. Why you think you would be suitable for moderating such topic;

 Complete applications must be sent to SGAC Operations Manager, PJ Valenzuela (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), no later than May 1st, 2017.


Application Timeline

Applications close:  1st May 2017 23:59 CET

Review of applications: 2nd May - 15th May 2017

Announcement of results: 15th May 2017



  1. Expanding Global Partnerships Off Earth - the International Space Station, a defining milestone in the history of human cooperation off-earth, heralds the potential achievements that humankind could pursue together.  Space is a unique environment for us to rethink the way countries, organisations, and people work together.  This Working Group will examine and evaluate partnerships off earth, with the aim of delivering a shortlist of promising ideas for the next decades.
  2. Space Resources Governance: Legal Framework - increasingly, the space industry is pushing new bold ideas forward.  Reusable launchers and satellite constellations are already becoming realities. Asteroid mining and lunar resource exploitation appear set to become the next milestones in a modern quest to turn previously impossible space dreams into reality. With such leaps and endeavours comes the need to reconsider the legal framework for space governance made by and for yesterday. This Working Group will examine the current legal framework of space resource governance and imagine the future for this framework.
  3. Outer Space Treaty: The Next Fifty Years - the dominating theme of 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the constitution of space, the Outer Space Treaty (OST).  Born in the crucible of the Cold War, this remarkable piece of international law has become the cornerstone of human activity in space. The OST has many critics and voices urging for reform, which have become louder than ever. This Working Group will examine the OST, evaluate its highs and lows, and consider the future of the OST regime by proposing amendments to its articles.
  4. Technology Spin-Ins to Enhance Space - the successes of space technology “spin-offs”, where technology developed for space is used in other areas of society, has been much publicised. However, with the incredible pace of development in numerous other areas of human knowledge and endeavour, such as artificial intelligence, block-chain and the sharing economy, there is considerable potential for technology “spin-ins”, where technology from other areas of society is used in space. This Working Group will evaluate potential spin-ins, identify success stories and consider measures that can be taken to encourage technology spin-ins.
  5. Other space technology topic.
  6. Other space science topic.

*Note: the preliminary Working Group topics may be subject to change from their current descriptions to their final versions before the Space Generation Congress on 21st - 23rd September 2017.



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