26 June 2016

SGAC is seeking candidates with native English language proficiency to join the SGAC Content/Reports Team as editors and proofreaders. Successful candidates will assist with the reports that will be published in 2016 and will have direct impact on the quality of SGAC published products.

Furthermore, SGAC is recruiting two editors as part of the European Space Generation Workshop (E-SGW) event team to help with editing documents and the final report of the event.

Deadline for applications: 25 July 2016

Role Description


The editors’ duties include reviewing SGAC’s reports and other documents. Editors have to make sure the information in the texts is well organised and relevant to the topic. They have to be able to identify what is important and eliminate what is not, and make sure all the information is interconnected. The aim is to reach a coherent, clear, and professional document with a logical and organised structure.


The proofreaders’ duties would be to review SGAC’s reports and documents after the Editors. Their main focus will be on grammar, punctuation and style, and maintaining that the language used is British English. The aim is to obtain a text with no mistakes and to make sure the overall product is of great quality.

Dedicated editors for the E-SGW

The dedicated editors will join the European Space Generation Workshop (E-SGW) event team and will help with the creation and editing of documents before the event. During the event, they will work closely with the authors of the reports to help them with language and text organisation. After the event, they will do the first round of editing before sending the reports to the Content/Reports Team.


Proofreaders and editors for the Content/Reports Team

  • Review and adherence to the SGAC Grammar and Style Guide. This documents will be shared with the successful applicants after the interview.

  • Review of reports and other SGAC documents (contracts, statement of work, handbooks for different events, etc).

  • Adherence to the specific timeline provided (most tasks will have a due date).

  • Continuous contact with the Editing Team Coordinator.

Editors for the E-SGW Team

  • Review and adherence to the SGAC Grammar and Style Guide. This documents will be shared with the successful applicants after the interview.

  • Adherence to the specific timeline provided (most tasks will have a due date).

  • Attend the European SGW (24th-25th March in Paris, France).

  • Work closely with the authors of the reports of the event.

  • First round of editing of the reports.

  • Continuous contact with the E-SGW Team.

Role requirements

Both editors and proofreaders should have native proficiency in English and good writing skills. They should be responsible, and dedicated with quick email response and document review turnaround time. Considering the roles involve the review of documents drafted by other members of the organisation, an eye for detail is key.

For the Content/Reports Team, much of the editing work at SGAC happens during the months of November to March, and  May to June. As such, availability during these months is critical for this role. Estimated time commitment is on average 3-10 hours per month, depending on time of the year. This position requires a two year commitment to the team.

For the E-SGW Team, much of the work will happen during the workshop and the two month afterwards. This means commitment to the team from January to June 2016. The workload for this duration will be planned in conjunction with the E-SGW event team, and the Content/Reports Team can support the editors if needed.

Role Benefits

Editors and proofreaders will have the opportunity to directly impact all SGAC products that are released and presented around the world on behalf of SGAC members. This position offers challenging, rewarding, and professional skill-building experiences. As a member of the team, you will be considered for scholarships and discounts for different SGAC events. Be a part of leading and shaping the organisation!

Application Process

If you want to join any of the teams, please send an email to the SGAC Editing Team Coordinator, Marta Lebron (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), by 20 July 2016. Use the subject line of the email to specify the position you are applying for. Please include the following documents as attachments:

  • A letter of intent detailing your suitability for the role (maximum 1 page)

  • Your CV with a date of birth (maximum 2 pages)

  • A writing sample (for example a conference paper, blog, article, or any other publication)

The application process will involve an editing assignment (sent to the applicants through email) and an interview.

Application timeline

25 July 2016: Applications close

First Week of August 2016: Announcement of successful candidates

Note: The editing assignment date and time frame are intentionally not included to simulate real working conditions at SGAC.

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