25 April, 2016

With the recent growth of SGAC and our increased presence at the Space Symposium and International Astronautical Congress and beyond, SGAC is opening a volunteer position in the Executive Office for a Coordinator of the PR and Communications Team. This position is a key leadership role within the SGAC, providing assistance, direction, and management to the PR and Communications Team.

Deadline for Applications:  May 15, 2016

Role Description

The PR and Communications Coordinator will work directly with the current PR & Communications Coordinator, and report to the Executive Director to provide strategic direction of the organisation. The Coordinator will assist the current Coordinator in providing primary oversight and management of all facets of the PR and Communications Team and is responsible for providing key insights into the the analytics, growth, and trends among the members.


  • Oversee and implement the PR and Communications Strategy for the organisation

  • Hold regular meetings with the PR Team

  • Liaise with External Players to build partnerships

  • Create and follow through on annual strategy

  • Preparation and presentation of analytics to the Executive Council

  • Work with team members to ensure all tasks are carried out in an effective and efficient fashion

  • Liaise with the Executive Council

  • Attend monthly Executive Council Meetings

Role Requirements:

  • Efficient and effective delegation skills

  • Knowledge of social media tools (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Etc.)

  • Flexible to meet with the Executive on a regular basis

  • Project management

  • Communication skills

  • Responsiveness

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Be a motivated young professional or student between the age of 18 and 35

As with all SGAC positions, meetings and work will be completed virtually. The selected applicant must be easily accessible via e-mail and phone on a daily basis. Communication skills and ability to respond in a timely manner are vital. This is a volunteer position.

Other useful but non-essential skills include:

  • Prior experience in Public Relations/Communications and/or Marketing


  • Develop highly desirable leadership skills

  • Opportunity to work with SGAC’s global sponsors and international space partners

  • Direct contact with the SGAC Executive Office and Advisory Board

  • Invitation to attend the UNCOPUOS Meetings in Vienna

  • Nomination and increased chances of winning the SGAC Young Leaders Award and other SGAC sponsored scholarship opportunities

  • Opportunity to attend SGAC events as part of the SGAC team, free of registration fee. Events include but are not limited to: Space Generation Congress, Space Generation Fusion Forum and Space Symposium, SATELLITE 2016, and Regional & National Space Generation Workshops (SGW & SGx).

Duration of term:

  • 2 years, with the opportunity to renew the term for another 2 years based on performance.

Application Process:

To apply please send an email with subject heading: [LAST NAME, SGAC PR Coordinator] with the following:

1)    Resume (with headshot and date of birth) (limit 2 pages)

2)    Letter of Intent, detailing your suitability for the role (limit 1 page)

All applications must be emailed to SGAC's PR&Communications Coordinator, Reinhard Tlustos (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Only complete applications will be considered.


Application Timeline

Deadline for applications: 15 May 2016

Interviews: 16-30 May 2016

Announcement of results: 31 May 2016


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