5 April 2016
SGAC is seeking an ambitious, and highly motivated volunteer for the position of SGAC Operations Manager, a pivotal leadership role in the SGAC Executive Office. The operations manager will work under the supervision of the executive director to help streamline processes within the organisation.

Deadline for Applications: 30 April 2016

Role Description

The SGAC Operations Manager will be accountable for managing the operational performance of SGAC. This includes project planning, scheduling and managing, capacity and utilization management, delegating work to meet deliverables, and tracking the status of outstanding work, The selected candidate will work with different SGAC Executive Office teams to ensure that communication is streamlined. The Operations Manager is accountable for identifying process improvements that will lead to year-over-year efficiencies, and making sure that the all ongoing work is delivered timely meeting SGAC quality standards. 


  • Guiding and overseeing the development of regional, national and team work plans within the organisation
  • Compilation of annual workplans for use by SGAC teams
  • Supervision of the activities of the content team who work on developing event and annual reports
  • Supporting documentation activities within SGAC teams (developing handbooks and guidelines that outline activities)
  • Help improve communication between SGAC teams to improve efficiency of our activities
  • Lead the streamlining of processes within the SGAC executive office
  • Identify gaps in volunteer human resources in the Executive Office teams and communicate with the Executive Director and Chairs to coordinate the recruitment of new team members
  • Oversee the development of strategies, new programs and process improvements within Executive Office teams in order to meet SGAC objectives
  • Support the SGAC Executive Director and co-Chairs with any other operational needs

Approximate Time Commitment: Estimated at 8-10 hours a week.

Duration of Term: 2 years renewable for another 2 years.

Role Requirements

The Operations Manager will require expert knowledge in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Responsiveness
  • Strong Attention to Detail
  • Eye for Improvement of Processes (Lean Six Sigma)

As with all SGAC positions, meetings and work will be completed virtually. The selected applicant must be easily accessible via e-mail and phone on a daily basis. Communication skills and ability to respond in a timely manner are vital.

Role Benefits

  • Opportunities to network closely with current, high-level international space sector
  • Unequalled leadership opportunity and chance to lead a team from around the globe
  • Special opportunities to contribute to SGAC’s briefings to the United Nations and other industry, agency, and academic organisations in the international space sector
  • A chance to shape the organisation with respect to SGAC’s short-medium term strategic plans
  • Opportunities to lead large teams and head important projects
  • Interaction with senior-level leaders in the international space sector
  • Working with the next generation of international space sector leaders in the world's largest youth space network
  • Access to relevant space policy materials, documents, magazines, etc.

Application Process:

To apply please send an email with subject heading: [LAST NAME, SGAC Operations Manager] with the following:

1)    Resume (with headshot and date of birth) (limit 2 pages)

2)    Letter of Intent, detailing your suitability for the role (limit 1 page)

3)    Writing Sample eg. conference paper/blog/article/publication 

All applications must be emailed to SGAC's Intern, Alberto Rueda (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Only complete applications will be considered.

Application Timeline

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2016

Interviews: 1-15 May 2016

Announcement of results: 20 May 2016 

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