South American Regional
Space Generation Workshop 2016

The next generation for the development of space activities in South America

1 - 2 August, 2016
Lima, Peru

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The Second South American Space Generation Workshop (SA-SGW) is a two-day regional workshop for university students and young professionals in the South America region. in conjunction with the 1rs Latinoamerican Astrobiology Congress held in Lima, Peru on August 1st – 7th 2015.

Peru is the third largest country in the South American continent after Brazil and Argentina, and it is among the 20 largest countries in the world. Peru has got his National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development (CONIDA), which is responsible for all space related activities in the country, include: Propulsion, Geomatics, Rocketry, Astronomy, Scientific Instrumentation. Furthermore, Peru is a chapter of the Mars Society and they do research in Astrobiology and Space Settlements in the peruvian dessert.

Peru has recently experienced an important growth in the space sector. Only in the last couple of year, four Peruvian nano-satellites (made by students and professors from three main Peruvian universities), were put it in orbit. The PUCP-SAT 1 and POCKET-PUCP (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru) in 2013, the UAPSAT-I (Universidad Alas Peruanas) in 2014, and the CHASQUI-I (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería) also in 2014, represent the efforts of the academia sector for create space capabilities and develop necessary skills within the country. 

Due to this, during the 2nd SA-SGW, delegates have a unique opportunity to engage with high level space sector leaders, professionals and academics. The main objectives of this event are the following:

  • To strengthen the regional network of students and young professionals in the South American region.
  • To examine and consider key questions in the South American region that the regional space community is facing and to provide inputs from the next generation the space professionals.
  • To allow tomorrow’s space sector leaders in the South American region to have the opportunity to interact with today’s space leaders and professionals in the region through the cooperation with regional and international institutions.

To conclude the workshop, the output from these working groups will be presented at the SA-SGW and further submitted as SGAC recommendations to United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS).

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Panorama of Lima - Peru

SA-SGW and the SGAC

SA-SGW 2016 in conjunction with the 1st Latinoamerican Astrobiology Congress follows up the successful regional SGAC workshop, the 1st European Space Generation Workshop, held in February 26-27 2016. SGAC is looking forward to keep the focus in South America. SA-SGW will be the second SGAC regional event in South America, first version was held in May 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. South America is a region developing advanced space technology, enhancing economic and human resources, and building international space cooperation. SA-SGW will engage tomorrow's space sector leaders in the region; the workshop will provide an ideal platform for delegates to have the opportunity to voice their opinions, exchange ideas on these pertinent issues, and network. Aside from developing compelling and innovative policy recommendations on pressing space issues, the SGAC also fosters a unique environment of students, young professionals, academia, agency and industry. SA-SGW looks to emulate that success and focus in on the key South America region, which will be the largest growing space region in terms of space technology utilization and development within the next decade. By developing a critical focus, SA-SGW seeks to ensure that serious questions about competition, co-operation and peaceful uses of outer space are discussed by those who will lead industry and agency in this region in the future.


If you have any questions about your application to the 2nd SA-SGW, please contact the Delegate Team of the SA-SGW Organizing Team.

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