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SGAC Zambia Engaged in SGAC Outreach in Secondary Schools to Encourage the Creation of Space Clubs

19 July, 2010

African Regional Coordinator, Prospery Simpemba, and Zambian NPOC, Misheck Mutuzana, visited secondary schools to promote SGAC in Zambia.

SGAC Zambia Engaged in SGAC Outreach in Secondary Schools to Encourage the Creation of Space Clubs

19 July, 2010

African Regional Coordinator, Prospery Simpemba, along with Zambian NPOC and SGAC's Member of the Month for July 2010, Misheck Mutuzana, organised last month an outreach event in Zambia and have reported on the experience.


SGAC Zambian NPOC, Misheck Mutuzuma, stands with Mpelembe students

Students from the Mpelembe Secondary School enjoy their Blue Marble stickers after the SGAC presentation

“Prospery Simpemba visited Mpelembe Secondary School in the month of June with exciting results. The visit took place over one afternoon and was divided in two parts. In the first part, he introduced and discussed with the students SGAC’s activities. The excitement of the students to be part of the new space club in their school demonstrated the positive reception to Mr. Simpemba’s presentation. It was decided that the club is to be headed by the selected candidate for the World Space Week Zero-Gravity Flight contest for 2010 (postponed to 2011), Lweendo Hachamba. So far, 35 students registered to become members and assume a commitment to engage in space science activities and to conduct outreach to fellow high school students and the general public on matters of space science. With a population of about 760 pupils, Mpelembe is one of the few private schools in the Copper Belt Province of Zambia.


During the second part of the afternoon, Mr. Simpemba talked to 28 members of the newly created space club congratulating them on the initiative and encouraging them to work hard to promote space sciences so as to have their voices heard on space issues that affect them. The event continued with a presentation about Cultural and Astronomical Beliefs of the Ancient Zambian Community based on findings from the study project conducted during the International Year of Astronomy 2009. The event was also meant to be part of the Indigenous Astronomy Network, strengthened at the 2010 Communicating Astronomy with the Public Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa, in March.


I, Misheck Mutuzana, feel that the main purpose of formulating space clubs in schools is to encourage students to have interest in space science and astronomy. Our main aim is to formulate such clubs in different schools in Zambia.

The Mpelembe space club members pledged to participate in the continued study of Zambian indigenous knowledge of space and astronomical beliefs and knowledge as related to our cultural values. Speaking on behalf of the club, Lweendo said they have a plan to create a website for the club on which they will post information about their activities. Mr. Simpemba pledge to assist the club to get the things they need through all available channels so that the club can continue to grow and spread to many other schools in the country. It is expected that Mpelembe space club will play an active role in this year's World Space Week activities as well as many more to come in the long-term future.”

Misheck Mutuzana

SGAC Zambian National Point of Contact

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