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One of SGAC’s primary mandates is to act as the forum in which the next generation of space leaders can express their views on pertinent space topics and policies. What you will find on this page are reports and presentations that express the opinions of members from the international SGAC community on topics ranging from space's role in climate change mitigation and manned space exploration to the development of the upcoming space workforce and the direction of the space sector in the next decade. For further information on any of these reports or presentations please contact us at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..

SGAC Perspectives on Future Space

Tomorrow's Space Leaders' Perspectives on Pertinent Space Topics

  • Space Generation Congress 2012 Final Report including Session Reports
  • Space Generation Congress 2012 Executive Summary
  • Space Generation Fusion Forum 2012 Final Report
  • Space Generation Congress 2011 Executive Summary
  • Space Generation Congress 2011 Final Report including Session Reports
  • Space Generation Congress 2011 Session Reports on:
    • Industry: The report identifies the distinct challenges involved space debris and its mitigation.
    • Agency: The report discusses economic, technical, and policy issues related to spectrum allocation and suggested how they might be regulated so that their use benefits all actors of the international space community .
    • Society: The report debates how to integrate space technology into society.
    • Exploration: The report discusses the topic of robotic exploration in the light of today's evolving global space sector.
    • Outreach: This report demonstrates that outer space is not only the domain of wealthy and technologically advanced nations. Space-based technology is in fact, currently one of the best tools to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries.
  • Space Generation Congress 2010 Final Report including Session Reports
  • Space Generation Congress 2010 Session Reports on:
    • Industry: The report analyzes the prospects of privatising the space sector as well as the obstacles that will be faced.
    • Agency: The report discusses global navigation satellite systems and their use during all phases of disaster management.
    • Climate: The report focuses on the current technical and political challenges of collecting, synthesizing, and exchanging Earth observation data – both from satellites as well as from community remote sensing.
    • Exploration: The report debates humanspace exploration as well as analyzes the feasibility of a manned mission to Mars.
    • Outreach: The report presents ways to better encourage students to enter and remain in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Space Generation Congress 2009 Final Report including Session Reports
  • Space Generation Congress 2009 Session Reports on:
    • Peace: What type of legal and policy tools are still needed to enable long-term peaceful uses of outer space
    • Industry: The current relationship between the space sector and the next generation of the international space workforce
    • Exploration: How to sustain, generate, and enhance general public and political awareness and excitement about space exploration
    • Climate: How space technology can complement terrestrial technologies in mitigating the problems of climate change
    • Agency: The uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in structuring transportation systems in developing countries
  • SGAC's Community Response to the Augustine Report

SGAC Project Team Papers and Presentations

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