18 December, 2016

The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SpaceCrowd. This signing took place during the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, USA.

SGAC and SpaceCrowd have common interests in promoting space activities and strengthening the space sector’s workforce through career development, education, industry outreach as well as space commercialization activities per se, and startups in particular. Under this MoU, the Parties will work together to pursue the highest standards for education and research in all subjects related to the exploration, development, and use of space. SGAC and SpaceCrowd are planning to gear up activities during the first half of 2017.


Joerg Kreisel - Chairman & Co-Founder of SpaceCrowd about the MoU signing:

“Partnering with Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) enables for excellent cross-synergies between our organisations, building up on my personal experience with SGAC, and now enabling for combining relevant SGAC activities and member capabilities with opportunities generated by SpaceCrowd for their community for mutual benefit. Through this cooperation, SGAC community members can participate at various levels in new business ventures nurtured and backed by SpaceCrowd, while SpaceCrowd can leverage on SGAC members’ spirit, their knowledge base and passion for high tech coming from space business. SpaceCrowd managed by Space Ventures is the first equity crowdfunding platform focusing on space enabled and space related ventures combined with a flexible pool of professional investors. SpaceCrowd is offering small-ticket entry for space community members to become shareholders of promising startups alongside professional investors. For entrepreneurs and start-up founders SpaceCrowd constitutes a novel access to finance together with investors who share the same passion and believe in the rise of a new era for space business. Furthermore, such new space business ventures aim at growth, both in economic and personnel terms, hence, potentially also job opportunities and therefore a win-win, ... good for all of us!”

SGAC Chair Stephanie Wan (left) and Chairman & Co-Founder of SpaceCrowd by Space Ventures Joerg Kreisel (right)


More About SpaceCrowd

SpaceCrowd (managed by Space Ventures) is a dedicated (equity only!) crowd funding platform for space and space-enabled new business ventures, combined with a case-by-case investor pool, and thereby an entirely new funding source in the space community. SpaceCrowd also provides new opportunities for both space entrepreneurs and other space community members, be it in terms of funding and visibility for their startups or the first-ever opportunity for small-scale investments into such ventures alongside professional investors.

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