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Welcome to the SGAC Poland country page! This page will provide you a basic overview of space activities, events, organisations and interesting web links in Poland.

Poland has a rich history of space activities, with the first instrument being flown on board of Kopernik-500 satellite in 1973, while the first Polish astronaut, Mirosław Hermaszewski, travelled into space in 1978. After the political changes in 1989, Poland began to establish cooperation with new partners outside of the Eastern Bloc, signing cooperation agreement with the European Space Agency in 1994. The first Polish satellite in space was the PW-Sat launched on the maiden Vega launcher flight in 2012. Later that year, Poland also became a full member of the European Space Agency.


Young Space Activities Overview in Poland

Space sector is developing rapidly in Poland after the country became a member of the European Space Agency in November 2012. The Polish Space Agency (POLSA) has been created and tasked with a mission to coordinate the space activities in the country and represent it outside. Polish space business entities have won several important contracts from the European Space Agency (ESA) programmes, as well as being active in the Horizon 2020 Space Area funds, creating new space-related or space-based products. In February 2017 the Polish Space Strategy document was published by the Ministry of Development.

Polish space companies are participating actively in international space projects, especially in their areas of specialisation to win contract from system integrator companies. Additionally, many projects are run within the Polish Industry Incentive Scheme, whose duration was extended until the end of 2019. Relatively active start-up scene, based on Galileo Masters competition and on Space3ac space technology accelerator, give hopes for establishing a New Space companies in the near future in Poland as well.

Non-governmental and student organisations also play their role supporting the development of the Polish space sector, organising conferences and engaging in students competitions. Several initiatives were realised including: European Rover Challenge, Mars analogue base mission, as well as several stratospheric experiments (by balloons and rockets) and the PW-SAT 2 CubeSat mission.


Country-Specific Events in 2017

  • July 29 - August 14 - Poland Mars Analogue Simulation - The PMAS 2017 aims to conduct a realistic human Mars simulation mission, conducting geological, psychological, technological, biological, and astronomical experiments to ensure the capabilities we use to explore Mars are safe, efficient, and sustainable. - Rzepiennik Biskupi.

    June 21-23 - Latin America/Polish Air and Space Law Conference - Space law conference being organised between the University of Lazarski and the Latin American Association for Air and Space Law - Warsaw

    More specific events and dates will be announced in 2017 (as soon as details are available).


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Poland

Winners of the first edition of European Rover Challenge in 2014. (Credits: Planet PR)
POLSA’s headquarters located in Gdansk Science and Technology Park. (Credits: Stanisław Kosiedowski, CC BY-SA 3.0)
PW-Sat 2 deorbitation. Artist impression. (Credits: Marcin Świetlik)

Governmental, business and scientific institutions:
Polish Space Agency - The official website of the Polish Space Agency.
Ministry of Economy (Space policy website) - Ministry responsible for relations with the ESA and for overall coordination of space policy.
Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences (SRC PAS) - Website of a research institute with broad space projects experience. 

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), associations and groups:
Polish Space Professionals Association - Website of the Polish NGO supporting the development of space sector in Poland.
Polish Space Industry Association - Website of an association gathering main companies & research institutes from the Polish space sector.
Students’ Space Association (SSA) of the Warsaw University of Technology - Website of the most active student association related to space in Poland, founded in 1997. 
Mars Society Poland (MSP) - website of the Polish section of the Mars Society Founded in 1999, it is focused on developing mars rovers and built a Mars habitat in Poland.
Polish Rocketry Society - Website of the society gathering enthusiasts of experimental sounding rockets in Poland.
Copernicus Project - Website of a non-governmental organisation, whose aim is to spread the idea of cheap access to space by offering stratospheric balloon experimental platforms for amateur scientific research.

Space-related news websites:
Polish Astronautical News portal “” - The biggest Polish portal with news about astronautics.  
Polish Astronautics Forum - The biggest Polish Forum about astronautics. 
Space news portal "" - Website of second biggest space news portal.

Study programmes:
Astronautics” at Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology.
Space Management in Innovative Economy” postgraduate studies at Warsaw School of Economics.







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