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Kirils Bistrovs
May 2016 - May 2018
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Welcome to Space Generation Advisory Council in Latvia page!

Latvia historically has involved in space related activities and gained significant expertise in space technology. For example, in 90’s one of the Latvian institutions were involved in the  project with  France, so-called, “Mars 94”  where a satellite were sent to the Mars; also Latvia took part in a project related to Buran Space Shuttle development, namely: in the development of polyurethane foam insulation and heatshield ceramics.  On the 15th of March in 2013, Latvia signed European Cooperating State Agreement with European Space Agency. This allowed Latvian space related businesses and institutions to take part in ESA (and its partners) projects, and open doors for different space-related opportunities for Latvian young space enthusiasts. The goal of SGAC Latvia is to see Latvia fulfilling its potential in Space Sector, and it wants to achieve that using only one method: bringing together young Latvians that are interested in Space and forming the network. Join the community today!


Young Space Activities Overview in Latvia

After signing the Cooperating State Agreement, Latvia had to agree on a five year development plan (PECS) with ESA representatives. Main objective of this plan is to prepare Latvia for closer cooperation with ESA. During this five year period Latvia has to develop its space sector that it is mature enough to become part of ESA and secondly to get to know ESA better. The latter will help Latvia easily to take part in various ESA projects. Approximately once a year European Space agency announces an open call exclusively to Latvian companies to propose space related project. The total annual budget for this initiative is 1 million EUR.  At the moment, there are 5 projects in Latvia that are being sponsored by ESA in the following fields:  Earth Observation projects (72% of the total budget), Education projects (23%) and little in Space Technology projects (5%).

For young people, Universities and private companies run different contests and open lecture devoted to space. For instance, Young Astronomers Club has a gathering once a month open to everyone who want to learn more about astronomy. In addition, soon the development of a new university course related to satellites will be completed in Ventspils University College. The latter is an unprecedentedly fully space related program in Latvia and a great opportunity for Latvian and foreign students interested in Space Industry.


Latvia becomes seventh Euroepan Cooperation State of ESA (15 March 2013)

Signature of the PECS Charter between ESA and Latvia (30 January 2015)

Country-specific Events in 2017

  • March 1 - Latvian Astronomy association meeting - The annual meeting of the Latvian Astronomy association to discuss the previous and upcoming events, special emphasis will be given to astronomy popularization in museums and observatories and field trips - Main building of Latvian University, Riga, Raina bulvaris 19, room # 12
  • March 8 - The Young Astronomy Club meeting - It is an opportunity to find out more about astronomy and to socialize with like-minded peers. Main building of Latvian University, Riga, Raina bulvaris 19, classroom # 404

  • April 8 - SatrParty #17 - It is a public lecture about the Sun, followed by observations using the Observatory equipment -  StarSpace       Observatory Suntazi.

  • September 16 - SatrParty #18 - It is a public lecture about the Cassini mission, followed by observations using the Observatory             equipment -  StarSpace Observatory Suntazi.

  • Young Astronomers Club have a meeting every second Wednesday of a month (during the academic year), in Latvian University main building, Riga; there you will have opportunity to take part in different events; to get answers on your astronomy related questions, to listen a lecture about astronomy.


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Latvia


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