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National Points of Contact
Kamen Kozarev
Kamen Kozarev
May 2015-May 2019
Stanimir Gantchev
May 2015-May 2019
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Bulgaria became the sixth country to launch a person in space when in 1979 Georgi Ivanov flew onboard Soyuz 33. Bulgaria signed a European Cooperating State agreement with the European Space Agency on 8 April 2015 and five projects were approved for implementation in 2016. A Second Invitation to Tender was announced on 11 October 2016 with expected signing of contracts in 2017. Bulgaria is a signatory to all five United Nations International Space Law treaties and the allocation of radio frequencies and Geostationary Earth orbit slots is regulated under the Telecommunications Law. Currently Bulgaria is represented in SGAC by Kamen Kozarev and Stanimir Gantchev who are actively involved in the Space Challenges Program, which shares a lot of the goals of SGAC.


Young Space Activities Overview in Bulgaria

Former NPoC Raycho Raychev together with Stanimir Gantchev and Kamen Kozarev (NPoCs of Bulgaria) and the Space Challenges Team carried out the 7th Edition of the Space Challenges Academy (October 18th - November 25th 2016). The Space Challenges program is the biggest free educational program for space science, technology and exploration. The main goal of the program is to develop a generation of young scientists and technology professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset by focusing on direct economic and social impact. The program is structured around three main components: science, technology and entrepreneurship and is predominantly practice-oriented. The Space Challenges program has been very successful, with more than 40 core participants every year, as well as over 30 000 online lecture attendees per year. In the summer of 2016 an extensive free online educational platform was launched by the team of Space Challenges – Spaceport. It consists of over 100 hours of space lectures, presented by leading experts from around the world. The idea of the platform is “play to study”, which is achieved through graphical user interface that is stimulating the users (online space cadets) to win medals, challenges between participants and direct sharing of achievements in social media. This free educational platform utilizes online quizzes that are based on the lectures watched by the specific user and provide marking system for the user by predefined threshold levels.


Country-Specific Events in 2017

  • 29 – 30 April – NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2017 Bulgaria – Form a team and compete in predefined challenges with rivals from around the globe in the world-renowned competition organized yearly by NASA. – Sofia University, Burgas Free University, University of Security and Economics Plovdiv, University of Ruse.
  • 11 October - 30 November - 8th Edition of Space Challenges Academy – Become a Space cadet! Learn directly by leading experts and work in team to develop a prototype of a real space project. Present your prototype in front of investors to make it a profitable business after the end of the program. - Sofia University
  • 27 October – SpaceUP Bulgaria – Participate in the first in Bulgaria SpaceUP uniconference. Discuss your topics of interest with industry experts and fellow space enthusiasts. – Sofia University – web link coming soon.
  • Past events:
  • 6th Edition of the Space Challenges Program (October 1st-November 30th): The Space Challenges Program became the largest space and advanced technology education initiative in the Balkans. In 2015 the program will have its 6th consecutive edition. The main aim of the program is to develop a generation of young scientists and technology professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset by focusing on direct economical and social impact. The program is structured around three components: science, technology and entrepreneurship and is completely practice-oriented. 
  • Children’s Museum “Muzeiko” (Summer 2015): The first next-generation interactive kids museum in Eastern Europe will open doors in the summer in Sofia. Muzeiko will have a section dedicated on space research and exponential technologies. The permanent museum is aimed at 6-10 years old children.
  • NASA Space Apps Award Ceremony (September 2015): In April 2015 more than 100 young Bulgarians participated in the NASA Space Apps Challenge. Three of the projects qualified in top 5 of their respective category and eventually VALKYRIE Project won first place for “Best use of hardware”. In general 3 out of the top 30 projects worldwide are Bulgarian! 


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Bulgaria


Mr. Eric Morel (ESA’s Director of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services) and  Mr. Bojidar Loukarski (Bulgarian Minister of Economy) sign ECS agreement,          08 April 2014

Space Challenges Program Team and Cadets celebrate Yuri’s night,              12 April 2015

The Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli gave a public presentation organized by Space Challenges Program in front of over 100 people, 27 March 2015 International Space Apps Challenge Sofia, Bulgaria, 12 April 2015
Muzeiko space research section concept International Space Station and its science and exploration mission presented by Antonio Fortunato in Plovdiv Planetarium
Introduction to Space Technologies and Science presented by Raycho Raychev in Varna Stanimir Gantchev with Anthony Burn from UN during a pause of lecture recording session 


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