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Dec 2016-Dec 2018

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Dec 2016-Dec 2018

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Welcome to SGAC Turkey Information Page. Turkey has emerging space sector especially in satellite industry. Young professionals and students in Turkey has desire to make space more affordable and accessible for everyone by using same language that is Space Language. 

SGAC NPoC Turkey members are willing to inspire and support younger generations to make space more accessible and more affordable for Turkey. If you are interested to know more about the Space activities in Turkey, or want to help out in the organization of future events, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you and collaborating with you!


Young Space Activities Overview in Turkey

The incremental social outreach activities in Turkey encourages students in order to shape their careers in the space sector. Especially the international competition participations such as CanSat, model rocket and DBF (design, built, fly) increase the collaboration with universities and industry. Universities such as Istanbul Technical University, Middle East Technical University, KOC University and Hacettepe University has student groups who participate CanSat and model rocket competitions. Turkey has a number of amateur astronomy societies and university student clubs organizes observation events especially in summers bring young people together from all around the country. The most popular observation festival is organized by TUBITAK every August. In addition, SGAC Turkey National Point of Contacts give various talks, seminars and conferences at universities that increase awareness of international space events accompanied with space exploration. 
The young graduates in Turkey has opportunity to work in defence industry and also civil aviation. Observation satellite Göktürk is the most important example for in the satellite field. In addition, telecommunication satellite industry is also leading the space sector in Turkey. Turkish Airlines and other airline companies recruit young graduates that is another common sector in Turkey.
In academia, CubeSat projects are leaded by Istanbul Technical University. There are also several start-ups related to hybrid rocket propulsion, green energy and gas aerodynamic fields. Young researches in KOC University and Bogazici University are working for Mars mission design, electric propulsion system and CO2 reduction in order to obtain methane on Mars.

As you can see from various examples, Turkey has an incremental mindset for space exploration by means of young people. 

TUBITAK Observation Festival

GOKTURK 1 - Thales Alenia Space


Country-Specific Events in 2017

April 12 : Yuri’s Night: Every year on 12th April, almost all student astronomy clubs in Turkey celebrating this day.

April 22 : METU Dilhan Ergün Astronomy Day: Organizing by Middle East Technical University in Ankara with Amateur Astronomy Society. 

June 19-22 : TURKEY- RAST: has the main objective of providing a form for the presentation and review of developments in space economy. Its organizing by Air Force Military Academy is support with many other universities.

Olympos Stargazing Fest: Organized by one of the well-known science blogs in Turkey. Turkey’s biggest private observation event, organizing with student society and Antalya Municipals every year in Olympos, Antalya. 

July 27-30 : National Observation Festival: Country’s biggest observation festival, organizing in Antalya every year with more than thousand participants.  


Glimpses from past events

March 18- 19 : Ozan Kara HeartinSpace KOC University Event - Space exploration event for students of ages ranging between 10-14. After a short seminar, the students created their own Orion Desktop Models. They also learnt about mobile apps such as Spacecraft 3D JPL and about SGAC!


Interesting Web-Links for the Young Generation in Turkey

Groups and Institutions

Pars Rocket Group 
Lagari Rocket Group  
Future Science Team
İTÜ Rover Team
OZU Rover Team
TFR Robotics 
Cervos Team

Student Societies
METU Amateur Astronomy Society
METU Aerospace Society
Atılım University Aerospace Society
Turkish Aeronautical Association University ANKA Society
İstanbul University Amateur Astronomy Society
Hacettepe University Astronomical Society
Istanbul Technical University Amateur Astronomy Society
Mediterranean University Capella Astronomy Society


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