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  • A.C. Charania (USA)
  • Behnoosh Meskoob (Iran)
  • Dragos Paun Alexandru (Romania)
  • Juan R. Medel (Spain)
  • Tejal Thakore (UK/India)

Project Overview

The Near Earth Object (NEO) project group is dedicated to helping the worldwide planetary defence community to meet one of nature's greatest challenges. The group provides a youth perspective to planetary defence through annual reports, competitions, conference attendance, and public outreach projects related to Near Earth Objects.

We are using the SGAC's status as a member of Action Team 14 within UN COPUOS to assist in bringing about a NEO UN framework. Additionally, Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart is supporting us explore potential opportunities to work together with the Association of Space Explorers (ASE).


Top Outputs

NEO Global Networking Forum Event

During the IAC 2013 in Beijing, the NEO Project Group organized a dedicated 2 hour event at the GNF zone about NEOs, called NEOs and Planetary Defense - Where do we stand? NEO group lead Alex Karl moderated the event that aimed to inform the audience about the threat of NEOs and the current status of planetary defense. 

Global Networking Forum Event


"Name an Asteroid" Campaign

Here is your chance to name an asteroid! SGAC and the NEO PG in collaboration with the Minor Planet Centre (MPC) are excited to offer you the opportunity to name an asteroid! Entering is easy: Send us your entry in 50 words or less how you would like to name an asteroid and why. Entries close 30 November, 2013.

 Name An Asteroid Campaign


“Move an Asteroid” Technical Paper Competition

An outreach project designed to raise awareness by offering students and young professionals the chance to come up with original ideas about NEO deflection and warning. Four successful competitions have been held starting in 2008.  The prize is always a full-scholarship to the International Astronautical Congress and the Space Generation Congress.  This year's deadline is 31 July 2015.
Move an Asteroid Competition


"2015 Find an Asteroid" Search Campaign

Would you like to discover an asteroid? SGAC makes it possible! Partnering with the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC - “Isaac”) you just need to form a team and apply by June 8 to take part in SGAC’s ‘Find an Asteroid Search Campaign’! Click the link above to find out more.


The Future of Planetary Defense

A successful open-house informational event held on the 8th May, 2011 in Bucharest, Romania organised by the Project groups in conjunction with the Planetary Defense Conference. Click on the link to see the press release of the event.
Future of Planetary Defense


Near Earth Objects and Planetary Defence: A Film About Defending the Earth

A documentary made by SGAC volunteers about the current issues surrounding defending the Earth from asteroid and comet impacts. International experts, young and old, give their opinions on how to plan, pay for, build and safely execute a mission to stop an asteroid or comet heading for the Earth.
NEO and Planetary Defense Documentary


Other Activities

  • Assisting in UN Legal Framework for International NEO Cooperation
    SGAC provides the perspective of the youth to the UN AT14 and acts as a bridge between its members and the Action Team. SGAC intends to raise awareness and involve youth in the NEO field as well as to inform youth about current issues such as the work of the AT14. It supports the efforts undertaken to create a global legal framework and provides opportunities for members to get involved.

  • Planetary Defense Conference Student Competition (9-12 May 2011)
    The International Academy of Astronautics will hold its second conference - titled "From Threat to Action" - on protecting our planet from impacts by asteroids and comets from 9 - 12 May 2011 in Bucharest, Romania. SGAC is proud to be involved by assisting in the organisation of the Student Competition, calling for students from all over the globe to send in their entries for the call for papers. Last date for submission was 14 January, 2011. Follow this link for more details.

For details how to get involved, pleaseEsta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..



  • SGAC's 2014 Move an Asteroid Competition winning paper by Clemens Rumpf (UK)
  • SGAC's 2013 Move an Asteroid Competition winning paper by Massimo Vetrisano (UK)
  • SGAC's 2012 Move an Asteroid Competition winning paper by Sung Wook Paek (USA)
  • SGAC's 2011 Move an Asteroid Competition winning paper by Alison Gibbings (UK)
  • SGAC's 2010 Move an Asteroid Competition winning paper by Ben Corbin (USA)
  • SGAC's 2009 Move an Asteroid Competition winning paper by Sini Merikallio (Finland)
  • SGAC's 2008 Move an Asteroid Competition winning paper by Mary D'Souza (Australia)
  • SGAC's 2008 Move an Asteroid Competition second place presentation by Andy Bacon (UK)
  • Planetary Defence Conference 2009: Bacon, A. 'A Method for the Fragmentation and Orbital Disruption of the Asteroid 99942 Apophis using Resonantly Timed Impactors.', Conference-Poster


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