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Commercial Space Models and Market Segments

Several academically accepted market models exist for commercial markets in general. A subset of them has been applied to segments of the commercial space market, however, not all market segments have been covered and all models applied. The working group is supporting a study group of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) to fill these gaps.

Specifically, the following analyses have been identified as missing and can be addressed by working group members:

Market Segments Industry Structure and Innovation Models
Disruptive Innovation Theory Industry Structural Analysis Game Theory Parts-Value Nets Structure Abernathy Utterback Innovation Model
Suborbital Launch Vehicles To be done
Nano and Small SATS To be done To be done
Orbital Launch Vehicles To be done To be done
On-Orbit Spacecraft (Manned) To be done To be done
Human Spaceflight Training To be done To be done To be done

Analysis courtesy of Ken Davidian

A similar analysis has been carried out by Asra Najam, the winner of the 2012 $pace is Business! competition.

While the abovementioned models have a focus on the situation in the United States, more analyses of the same kind are also foreseen for regions and models outside the U.S.


The Role of Policy and Law in Shaping the Commercial Space Industry

The political and legal environment not only influences the behaviour of large, established actors in the commercial space realm, but also can be a major driver or constraint for the development of new actors. Especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) heavily depend on open market opportunities and supportive policies.

The working group is starting to analyse the existing environment for SMEs in Europe’s space sector.

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