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Although Cameroon does not have a major presence in the global space stage, its social and economic development, largely, depends on the use of space applications and services. The number of space-related civil society organisations and commercial enterprises are steadily increasing, and the nation is becoming a hotbed for space activities in the region. The government is making significant effort to promote existing regimes, formulate domestic policies, and implement them. These processes constitute the educational and political foundation required to maximise the use and applications of space technologies and services. More so, the mechanisms suggest that the nation would readily join regional initiatives, if not start a national programme, in due course. Recently, students, parents, and professionals have come together in conferences and workshops to share their passion, exchange knowledge, and stimulate debate on space issues that can contribute to social and economic development in the country. There appears to be a young generation of space enthusiasts across Cameroon. If many Cameroonians pursue higher education in space areas, with the support of the government, then Cameroon could have the intellectual resources necessary to initiate and sustain a vibrant space community. SGAC offers a good foundation for students and professionals interested in the field to learn from an increasing global community of talented professionals who share a common vision about space. Interested persons could benefit from activities, which bring together experts and young professionals to discuss issues that influence the future of Cameroon in space. As humanity quest to explore and conquer the Moon, stars, and beyond, a new generation of scientist and policy leaders is essential to carry this vision for decades to come, and centuries. Cameroonians, young females and males, can become part of this global vision by getting involved in space activities and laying a foundation for the future through the SGAC network.


Young Space Activities Overview in Cameroon

Besides participating in SGAC Cameroon activities, students and young professionals can meet during Yuri’s Night event and World Space Week to share ideas, learn, and work on projects related to space. Students, their parents, and their teachers usually celebrate World Space Week in cities across the country. The media plays an increasingly positive role during these events by talking about them during their special programs and conducting interviews with event organizers. SGAC is looking for volunteers to take part of this challenge and start organising new event for the coming year.

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