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The Voice of Future Space Sector Leaders - Policy Analysis and Recommendations

SGAC is proud to act as the forum for the next generation of space sector leaders to discuss and debate current topics in international space policy.  This overarching SGAC Project Group produces papers with input from a broad sample of our members and embodies SGAC's purpose as envisioned from our beginnings at the United Nations.  From perspectives on space situational awareness and space debris to thoughts on exploration and space workforce issues, the members of the young space community have opinions to share.  

Commercial Space Project Group

Commercial Space Project Group

The Commercial Space project group understands itself as a forum and “think tank” on topics regarding the commercial use and the vibrant commercialization of space activities for members of the young generation. The group’s research interests lay in 1) the Context of Commercial Space, 2) Commercial Space Models and Market Segments, 3) the Role of Policy and Law in Shaping the Commercial Space Industry, and 4) Business Models / Entrepreneurship. Besides academic research, the group’s goal is to motivate and support the involvement of young people in commercial space activities, through competitions, round tables, webinars and the like.



Near Earth Objects (NEO) Project Group

The Near Earth Object (NEO) Project Group is dedicated to helping the worldwide planetary defence community to meet one of nature's greatest challenges. The group provides a youth perspective to planetary defence through annual reports, competitions, conference attendance, and public outreach projects related to Near Earth Objects.



Space Exploration Project Group

SGAC Space Exploration Project Group focuses on ongoing and future deep space manned and unmanned missions. The main aim of the Group is to create an international and interdisciplinary forum focused on different aspects of space exploration, including: development of exploration technologies and capabilities; safety enhancement; performance of space, Earth and applied science; search for life; stimulation of economic expansion, and many more. Our focus is the Global Exploration Roadmap (GER) currently being developed by 14 space agencies around the world. The GER Strategy reflects the international effort to prepare collaborative space exploration beginning with the International Space Station, continuing to the Moon, near-Earth asteroids and with the ultimate goal of a manned mission to Mars.


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Space Law & Policy Project Group

The Space Law & Policy Project Group was established in the summer of 2012 at the initiative of SGAC members pursuing legal training and building careers in the intersection of the legal profession and the space industry. Open to all members of the SGAC, the group will serve as a forum for young professionals and university students interested in space law and policy and looking to work together to have their voices heard in the global discussion on the legal and policy aspects of outer space. Dedicated to investigating and addressing current issues in international and national space law and policy, and anticipating likely space law and policy issues in the coming decades, the Project Group will pursue projects relevant to the field of space law and policy, and to the broader international space community.




Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group

The space environment is an international domain and requires collaborative efforts from all space-faring nations to ensure the safety and sustainability of this environment. It is therefore essential that there is a wider awareness of an international culture of space safety and sustainability among the space community.  The  Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group will assist in building the highest possible degree of uniformity in regulations and standards, procedures and organisation regarding space safety and sustainability. This will be achieved through meetings, reports, conference presentations, competitions, and outreach projects.


Small Satellites Project Group

Small Satellites Project Group

Small satellite programs are particularly attractive since they are “affordable”. There shall be no surprises in the near future, if more and more developing countries, groups from the academic world or even small teams of space enthusiasts develop their own space mission based on small satellites. The small satellite platform is catering to new actors such as developing countries, students, and amateurs. The SGAC recognises the changing landscape of space exploration using small satellites and initiating the Small Satellite Project Group.



Space Technologies for Disaster Management Project Group

SGAC Project Group on Space Technologies for Disaster Management aims at providing universal access to all types of space-based information and services relevant to disaster management by: being a gateway to space information for disaster management support; serving as a bridge to connect the disaster management and space communities; and being a facilitator of capacity-building and institutional strengthening. In June 2009, the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) ad-hoc group on disaster management, risk-reduction and capacity-building was created to explore how greater awareness of UN-SPIDER activities can be achieved, in the hope of helping communities in the world be better prepared for disaster situations.



YGNSS - Youth Promoting Cooperation and Education in GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems)

YGNSS is a team of university students and young professionals who aim to help bring the maximum benefits of the Global Navigation Satellite System, or GNSS, to society. YGNSS supports the International Committee on GNSS (ICG), an international forum for cooperation on Global Navigation Satellite Systems recognized by the United Nations. Two of the primary goals of the project team are to provide input to ICG, particularly on matters related to education and public outreach, and to act as a medium for information dissemination on GNSS. Among other activities, YGNSS conducts promotional activities relating to cooperation in GNSS and GNSS applications and presents the benefits of GNSS at various conferences around the world.

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