SGAC is proud to announce the following appointments in our global team who will be supporting SGAC's Editing Team:


Peter Schulte (USA)

Peter Schulte is currently a fifth-year graduate student and National Science Foundation Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Peter is a PhD candidate in the Space Systems Design Laboratory under advisor Dr. David Spencer. His research career began as an undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin, where he was involved in student satellite projects Bevo-1 and FASTRAC. His master’s research at Georgia Tech involved development, integration, and testing of an autonomous Guidance, Navigation, & Control (GN&C) subsystem for the Prox-1 student satellite project. Peter's PhD topic involves the development of a state machine architecture for aerospace vehicle fault protection. In 2017, Peter was selected as a Future Space Leaders Fellow and served as a Dedicated Editor for the Space Generation Congress in Adelaide, Australia.


Harlee Quizzagan (Philippines)

Harlee Quizzagan just graduated with a degree in Physics from the University of the Philippines. When he was an undergraduate, he had his internship at Regulus SpaceTech Inc, where he had the chance to be involved with hands-on space technology applications, particularly, designing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. He was an active student leader of different university-based organisations. He is also a writer (creative and technical) and has an experience as an EIC for a local newsletter. After doing his thesis on traffic modelling using Brownian physics, he is now a data analyst. He plans on being a data scientist with specialisation on astrophysics. Aside from creative writing, videography, and photography, his key interests are in the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence for commercial use and space technology integration.


Sally Deffor (Ghana)

Sally Deffor holds a PhD in Digital Media from the University of Central Lancashire (Preston, UK), and an MA in Communication for Development from MalmoUniversity in Sweden. She doubles as a digital media researcher where she focuses publications on new(s) media, online news, and digital culture in the UK and Africa, and also as a strategic communications consultant. More recently, she has served as a Program Director for Internews Network, and as a Communications Advisor on public procurement and anti-corruption with The World Bank’s CBR program. Previously, she worked on tax justice advocacy with TJNA in Kenya, and on biodiversity conversation and climate change with USAID-ICFG in Ghana. She was also actively involved with the world of open data and open source technology as a former coordinator with Open Knowledge International, and also as a Google Policy Fellow (2013). She is a contributor and supporting editor for various publications on these topics. Sally was born in Ghana and lives in the UK.


Miranda Bradshaw (UK)

Miranda Bradshaw currently works as an optical systems engineer for a space company in the UK. She holds a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Birmingham, UK.  She is an alumnus of ISU SSP16, where she was Chief Editor for the Artificial Gravity Space Station Team Project. Miranda enjoys the technical side to space, working on instrumentation for science missions to further our understanding of the universe.  Outside of work, she enjoys cycling, reading, and literature.  





Georgie Hicks (Australia)

Georgie Hicks served 7.5 years as a Maritime Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, with much of her work involved in border protection operations. In 2016, she left Navy and embarked on a year of travel, recently returning to Canberra and commencing work as a data analyst. She has a keen interest in space, given her academic background in physics and mathematics, and she is also a long distance runner, a freelance sketch artist, and a passionate reader of detective books.




Johnathon Martin (USA)

Johnathon Martin is a space professional with three years of experience as a space analyst. Johnathon appreciates the importance of space and is thankful he gets to contribute to its betterment and preservation. Johnathon attended the University of Louisville and holds a master's degree in engineering management and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with minors in math and physics. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree in space systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He enjoys reading, politics, college basketball, eating burritos, and is a member of a local Christian church. Johnathon lives in northern Virginia with his wife and son.



Kristianna Anderson (USA)

Kristianna is a first-year law student living in Washington, DC with a passion for space and how it intersects with the legal field. During Kristianna's undergraduate years she took her concentration of science credits in courses focused on astronomy and exoplanet exploration, subsequently falling in love with the study of space and all it entails. Kristianna is an active member in her law school's Space Law Society and hope to pursue a career in international law that allows her to apply her specific interest in space.





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